Halo Headband Halo I- Custom Fit- Tie Sweatband Pullover for Men and Women, No Slip with Moisture Wicking Dryline Fabric

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Sport TypeMulti-Sport
BrandHalo Headband
Band ColorBlack
Band Material TypeDryline
Band SizeOne Size

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The Halo I is the original headband that started it all. The design is a headband that ties in the back to create a custom fit for the wearer and includes all the features that make Halo Headbands the best functioning headbands on the market. Dryline Fabric and Halos own Sweatblock Technology make this headband popular with cyclists, runners, lacrosse players and any athlete looking for a custom fitted headband.

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Our story

How we got our start

My training partner and I simply got tired of stinging, burning sweat dripping into our eyes and on our glasses. We tried every headband we could buy, but found they only worked temporarily if at all. We decided to develop our own headband, one that actually worked!

What makes our product unique

We set out to make the best performing headband in the world. After two long years of hard work, testing ideas and various prototypes, we came up with the solution! It’s called the SweatSeal. The seal actually channels the sweat to the sides and away from your face while the headband absorbs sweat.

Why we love what we do

Halo Headbands continue to be the most technologically advanced, best performing headbands/sweatbands on the market. Now, years later, we have grown into a high quality USA manufacturer with a complete line of products. We hope you enjoy your Halo Headband as much as we do. – Nick Holslag Partner

Product Description

How it works

Halo Headband Tie Headband

Unlike traditional cotton sports headbands, Halo headband are designed with Dryline fabric to wick away sweat without becoming heavy or bulky. Our patented SweatSeal redirects salty sweat to the side and away from your eyes, face, and glasses so you never have to worry about sweat getting in your way.

NON SLIP ULTRA GRIP SWEATBAND TIE keeps the ultra soft and breathable headband in place and your hair out of the way for hours, even during the most extreme sports and activities.

Halo I Size


Halo I Tie Back

Halo I Storm

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Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions10.28 × 2.99 × 0.75 cm
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0.02 Kilograms

Brand Name

Halo Headband

Country of Origin

United States

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Halo Headband

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One Size

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Date First Available

August 25 2016


Aspen Roots Limited CA Beauty 3

10 reviews for Halo Headband Halo I- Custom Fit- Tie Sweatband Pullover for Men and Women, No Slip with Moisture Wicking Dryline Fabric

  1. Ira

    No sweat in the eyes! tie once, reuse often!Not only is it highly affected that wicking sweat, it maintains its shape and is low profile.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Great for divingGreat for diving. Keeps the hair out of my mask. Gets the job done

  3. Eduardo

    Not big enoughIt does a good job keeping sweat off my face but is too narrow, it does not cover my forehead. It would be good for a woman or a young person. Good quality. Just get a bigger size if you are a man.

  4. Nina

    FINALLY – A Workout Headband that Doesn’t MoveI have tried SO MANY headbands for working out. I don’t like sweatbands that are on the forehead (they leave marks and don’t hold back hair strands that come loose during exercise). I don’t want strands of hair in my face while exercising. After trying so many headbands, I almost settled with mediocre ones, but this one popped up and it has been a lifesaver! Not perfect, but much better than any other workout headband/sweatband that I have tried.–It has a long rubber strip on the front of the headband that keeps it from slipping, even during vigorous activity – if used as a sweatband on the forehead, it probably will leave a temporary mark – but on hair, it stays well–The size is adjustable – one of the problems with all the other bands I’ve tried is that they are one size fits all – they all either end up being too tight or too loose – this band can be adjusted to any size since it is tied – it never feels constricting–The material is soft and comfortable with just the right amount of stretch–It is a quality headband that isn’t flimsy like cheaper ones – the material is a little thicker and it’s better constructed – it is well worth the extra cost!My only wish is that the non-slip rubber strip went throughout the whole headband for extra hold. Also, sometimes where it is tied on the back of the head can slip a little if used a headband – you can fix this with bobby pins if it’s a problem.Tip: For extra grip, try spraying hairspray inside the headband and let it dry before putting on.

  5. MarcoM

    Definitely does what it was designed to do!After recently purchasing the product with skepticism, I am pleased to say this sweatband is awesome! The customizable fit makes a great buy for just about anyone, and the yellow anti-sweat strip on the inside of the band works amazing. I have hyperhidrosis (I sweat A LOT) and I know this headband has relieved me of always having to wipe the sweat off my forehead, wring out other mediocre sweatbands that don’t soak up enough (to include Nike sweatbands) during my workouts and even keeps me cool during runs.As an active duty service member in the Marine Corps, I need to stay fit in order to be successful at my job. This little sweatband has made my workouts that much easier. Here are the Pros:- Great fit (adjustable to any size)- Anti-Sweat strip definitely keeps the sweat away from the eyes ( I have a habit of keeping gel in my hair before workouts, but this bad boy keeps the eye stinging away)- the knot in the back is so flat, it’s no bother at all during flat bench exercises- Halo logo is offset from the center for a more contemporary look- The absorbed sweat keeps the head cool during workouts or runs- dries off pretty quick for daily use (you don’t have to wash it everyday) and it DOESN’T SMELL!!!- Looks great for those that like to look good while they exercise (I know my wife does)Cons:- The only con I could think of was getting stopped a few times during my first few workouts with the headband on because people (to include Marines) wanted to know where I got it.It may be just a headband for some, but for the amount of sweat that pours out of my forehead, this thing is a MUST HAVE! I liked it so much, I bought my wife one in black. We now fight over who gets to wear which headband. I hope this review was helpful.

  6. Joshua Turner

    Adjustable, not 100%This tie up headband with the sweat guiding plastic bit is pretty good and sweeps away about 80% of the sweat before getting to my eyes but some still gets through. The big advantage of the tie up version is that it is adjustable. Unfortunately the knot sometimes gets into the helmet and hurts the back of my head a little bit but that’s fixable.

  7. Frankie D

    If I could give it 10 stars I would. Don’t think about it, just buy it!!!This product is amazing and exactly what I’ve been looking for. I cycle approximately 30 miles per ride. Prior to receiving this headband, I would constantly have sweat running in my eyes and blurring my cycling glasses because the Florida sun is a bear. Since receiving this, I’ve had zero issues with sweat in my eyes or on my glasses. It is amazing, it runs down the side of my face when it has absorbed all it can but never in my eyes. Today I went for a ride and forgot to grab my headband. It was honestly the worst ride in years. My face and eyes were burning by mile 7 and sweat was dripping on my glasses constantly to the point that I had to remove my glasses. Then the bugs were getting in my eyes. I couldn’t get home fast enough and cut my ride off at 20 miles only because I had to turn around early. I came home and ordered 2 more headbands and will keep one in my riding bag on my bike in case I make the mistake of leaving it home again. Forget the negative reviews because those folk must live in the land of make believe.If you cycle or work out… Get it, you will NOT regret it.

  8. J. Z.

    Worth the higher price !I bought my first Halo headband about 5 years ago. I loved it from the beginning as a cooling cloth. What makes the Halo band better than the others is the small linear rubber-like band inside the headband that goes across the forehead– it really does keep 95% of the sweat from running down into my eyes. After all this time, putting it in the washing machine and hanging to dry, the Halo looks as good as it did on Day 1. I recently bought 3 more, knowing they are worth the higher price.

  9. Gotbikes

    These are the cat’s meow!Between my wife and I we have dozens of these, tie-on and slip-on. They perform flawlessly and look great. After 20 years or so the sweat channel on my original one has broken down and it’s lost most of its elasticity but it still works and I still use itThey’re simply the best!

  10. Amazon Customer

    A Well Designed HeadbandThis is the only headband that ever managed to stay on my large, round head. I have very slippery hair that has previously made it impossible to keep any headband on for long. This one lasts through an entire workout without having to secure it with clips! I like it so much, I might order another colour.

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